Abehenease Chief Sets Records Straight


The Chief of Abehenease, Nii Kotey Susubiribi Onyabrempong I, has indicated that the charges brought against him in Court for which he was fined GH¢4,800, for allegedly threatening the life of a businessman was false.

Reacting to a publication in sections of the media that an Accra Circuit Court 10 sentenced him to a fine of GH¢4,800 or in default serve two years in prison for threatening the life of a businessman, Nii Kotey Susubiribi Onyabrempong I, said what transpired in court was a calculated attempt to tarnish his image and to destroy his reputation.

According to him, the case filed against him was a calculated plot hatched by one Sargent Adolf of the Amansaman District Police Command, Duke Dugbartey, aka Boafoyena of Treba (the supposed businessman) and Crime Officer Kwakye Kumi of the Greater Accra Regional Police Command.

Narrating the incident that preceded the court hearing for which he was fined, Nii Kotey Susubiribi said he was approached by Sargent Adolf, who was a longtime friend, requesting for a parcel of land to cite his washing bay.

He said, considering the relationship that existed between him and Sargent Adolf, he accepted the offer of GH¢30000 from Adolf and gave out one plot of land to him to establish his washing bay.

Nii Kotey Susubiribi I further explained that few weeks after that deal was sealed, Sargent Adolf came to him in the company of Duke Dugbartey, “and introduced Dugbartey to me as a businessman who would be occupying the land. They made payment of GH¢15, 000.00 for the parcel of land and requested for another parcel of land; also at GH¢30, 000.00. So they have decided to pay using a Mazda car. I have lots of cars so I parked that car in my lawyers’ residence.”

The Abehenease Chief, who spoke passionately about the whole incident, averred that soon after the deals were sealed Dugbartey begun receiving some threats from one Alfred over the same land.

He said, in the event of that confrontation, Adolf and Dugbartey led landguards to his residence demanding a refund of the money and the car, which he did to allow peace to prevail.

“Even though I refunded the money and gave the car back to them, they were still going onto the land. They have even erected fence around the land,” he said.

The chief also indicated that he advised Adolf and his friend Dugbartey to stay off the land since the matter between him (Nii Kotey) and Alfred was taken to Court and an injunction was placed on the land.

“I told Dugbartey that, look you are my customer and the issue between me and Alfred is in Court and since an injunction has been placed on the land, stay off and let me finish the case over the said land and when the Court decides in that matter, then you can continue your project. Is that a threat on his life? he quizzed.

He said Dugbartey continued harassing him with landguards to the extent that he (Nii Kotey) had to file a report at the Amansaman Police Station but nothing was done to save the situations, until Dugbartey through the assistance of Crime Officer Kwakye Kumi filed a false complaint against him over death threats.

Nii Kotey I indicated that the posture and character of the presiding Judge, Jane Harriet Akweley Quaye, spoke volumes of the plot that was hatched against him.

 “The judge doesn’t knew me from anywhere, I don’t know her either, but the moment she saw me in Court she began attacking me verbally and calling me names even before the case begun,” he said.

He also indicated that the statement he provided to the police was not what was produced in Court and although his lawyers do what they could, the Court presided over by, Jane Harriet Akweley Quaye glossed over the objections.

Nii Kotey Susubiribi Onyabrempong I said he could have appealed against the ruling but he decided to let go and allow God to fight his battles for him.

“I paid the GH¢4, 500.00 there and then in the Court. I did not default in paying the fine, and so the claims that I was convicted to prison were false. I was once sent on remand for two weeks in relation to the same land with Dugbartey claiming I defrauded him,” he explained.

Abease Lands

Nii Kotey Susubiribi Onyabrempong I however sent words of caution to the general public that the Abease lands are not government lands, they are his stool lands and for that matter, the police officials who are teaming up with Nii Okine Mensah, Samuel Oto Darko, Nii Manu Akyeampong, Nii Kpakpa Blofonye and their cohorts to steal and sell the lands must desist from the act.

He said officials of the police service and the National Security are invading his land and he is unhappy about the development since these people are dealing with people who provided them with fraudulent documents covering the lands so that they can have favours in return.

“That is why the police will keep abusing some of us, our rights,” he said.

Police Reshuffle

Nii Kotey Susubiribi Onyabrempong also appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to as a matter of urgency reshuffle the Amansaman District Police Command, saying that the station is full of “criminals.”

He mentioned that until the service is purged off such characters such as Sargent Adolf and Kumi Kwakye, there will not be peace.


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