Bear with us, you’ll be posted – Gov’t to unemployed doctors


The Ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Robert Cujdoe, explained on Eyewitness News that their delay in posting was because financial clearance had not yet been given for the doctors.

The commitment of the Health and Finance Ministries to absorbing these doctors was questioned by one Dr. John-Diego Kosoe, who wrote to Citi FM conveying the frustration of the jobless doctors who appear ready to serve the country.

The doctors, who have been unemployed for about six months, have said all efforts to secure financial clearance for their absorption have proved futile, whiles Ghana contends with a doctor deficit, which ultimately threatens healthcare in the country.

But Mr. Cudjoe said the Minister of Health had no control over the national purse.

“It is the Ministry of Finance. We only write to them requesting their financial clearance to engage these doctors. So until we receive the go ahead, there is nothing we can do.”

“As a developing country, our resources are limited… we are all fighting for the same cake which is not enough to serve all of us, and it is not like you should employ only Ministry of Health Staff,” he argued also.

Mr. Cudjoe however assured that, the Ministry is working to meet their needs, and that the doctors’ names have been submitted to them and have been sent to the Finance Ministry.

“They are working on it. We are waiting for the go-ahead to post them to their various stations to work. It’s not like we are just sitting down and we don’t know what we are about or what we are doing… We are are just pleading with our brothers and sisters….they will be posted to go and work.”



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