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Cheerful music is the best anti-depressant — Tony D

Intro: In these times of global anxiety and stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ho-based musician Anthony Komla Dagbey, better known as Tony, says listening or dancing to cheerful music is the best way to relax and improve one’s mental health.

He has, therefore, put out a single called Pay Double, which is a feel-good, easy-to-digest track to uplift moods and somehow help people deal with these uncertain times.

“Many are turning to a variety of substances and habits to boost their moods or alleviate boredom. They are generally anxious about the circumstances we find ourselves in now but no antidepressant or medication is better than cheerful music that makes you feel good inside. Music is healthier than using drugs or drinking to change your mood,” Tony D says.

Pay Double, which came out on Thursday, February 25, 2021, is about a man who attempts to gladden the heart of his woman by telling her he will pay double the bride price because “I have been searching for your type for long.”

Sang in English and Ewe, the danceable track talks of how he intends to spend money on her by taking her shopping, dancing and generally changing her ‘level’. It’s obvious the song’s aim is to create something everyone can easily jump to and join in the light-hearted lyrics.

Tony D has consistently tried not to stand still with his music and loves to explore different themes and musical styles from time to time.

His last single, The Young Shall Grow, came out in August last year.

It was about the need for families to always strive to establish stronger bonds.

In early 2020, he released a couple of gospel tunes recorded in South Africa when he was there for a series of performances.

A businessman as well, Tony D is the CEO of Tosh Media which operates Tosh TV and Tosh FM in Ho in the Volta Region.

He is also the Chairman of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) in that region.

He, like other musicians, feels the pinch of not being able to perform live due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Luckily, we musicians have the opportunity to help liven up the lives of the rest of the population as they try to cope with the anxiety and stress of COVID-19. That’s why we must offer music that lightens the burden almost everyone is carrying at the moment. So this is the time for cheerful songs,” Tony D said.

Pay Double is available on a variety of online platforms including Audiomack.


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