Fighting Fraud Should be Everyone’s Business


The, defines fraud as an act or course of deception, an intentional concealment, omission, or perversion of truth, to (1) gain unlawful or unfair advantage, (2) induce another to part with some valuable item or surrender a legal right, or (3) inflict injury in some manner.

Fraud which is known to be a social ill has risen histrionically in the last few years. The level of fraud in especially government institutions is quite alarming, and a communicator or journalist, whose rudimentary responsibility is to inform, educate and entertain, who are also known as society’s watch dogs, dare not inform the public about the ills this nature in our society.

The kind of fraudulent deals that abound in Ghana is appalling yet not so appalling. Fraud seems to have come to stay with us, and that is due to the fact that as the older practitioners of the social canker fizzle out, they train their immediate successors to continue where they left off.

Ironically, public servants who are supposed to lead exemplary lives are those who are found wanting. Almost every politician is now veering into the legal world not because they want to be practicing lawyers but in a bid to always find legal jargons to substantiate their fraudulent activities should it be brought to the fore.

We are of the view that, the reason this uncouth behavior and attitudes are prevalent in our society is principally because there is no stiff punishment to deter subsequent perpetrators of this crime which is usually sneak out unnoticed.

We hear and read about fraudsters being arrested, however majority of them walk the streets of Ghana freely because some high-profile politician who happens to be the backbone of their unscrupulous activities calls out for their release from police custody or wherever they are being held.

Our legal systems must rise up to task and deal wholly with this horrendous behavioral and institutional mishap that seem to be gradually sweeping over our nation like a tsunami.

One of the ways to maintain a stable economy and society is if we are able to fight fraud. Fraudsters and armed robbers whether we like it or not are siblings; birthed by the same parents with a mission to unlawfully and forcefully acquire and possess what they did not toil for.

There are some many examples of fraudsters in ties in the public sector, wolves in sheep clothing they are, who are nothing but looters of the national coffers. Fraud is not a legacy to be handed down to our up and coming youth. Let us fight fraud.


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