First photos of the Highline Plus luxury car assembled by German car company Volkswagen right here in Ghana


A few weeks ago, we pressed here that German car Company, Volkswagen (VW) has started the assembling of cars in Ghana at its premises here in Accra at the  North Industrial Area.

Well, there’s good news and that is the very first model of their cars that was assembled on the motherland is out.

Photos of the car called VW Tiguan (Highline Plus) has been making waves on social media.

The VW Tiguan (Highline Plus) is the first model they have worked on. It has advanced features like a panoramic view, digital dashboard, sensors, etc. with a 2.0 engine.

Photos of the car have since be making waves across social media handles.

Check out photos of the car below:

VW Tiguan (Highline Plus) VW Tiguan (Highline Plus) VW Tiguan (Highline Plus) VW Tiguan (Highline Plus)


VW signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Ghana to begin the process of establishing an assembling plant in the country to serve the West African sub-regional market.

The assembling plant is to produce about 5,000 units of vehicles every year with plans to increase production depending on the market demand.

Managing Director of VW Africa, Thomas Schaefer after the signing said; “We are looking at an installed capacity of 5000 units per year but hoping to expand as the demand increases. We chose Ghana a year ago after we had a discussion with the government of Ghana and we believe that the country is an ideal spot to start with”.


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