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How 5 pesewas landed this man in jail

Kwabena Boateng, who is a peasant farmer and a shop owner, has fallen short of the law and has since been imprisoned for 12 months.

This was after he confronted his bosom friend who used an old currency to buy from his shop.

Mr Boateng told Crime Check TV that after confronting his friend on why he used the old currency to buy from his 10-year child, who was the shopkeeper, the trusted friend got infuriated and in the process pulled out his sharp knife.


Mr Boateng managed to prevent his friend from butchering him as he sought to do.

While pulling the knife from his friend’s hand, his friend’s palm was deeply cut.

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He said he was reported to the Police and was arrested and put before a court where he was fined GH¢2,000.00 but his failure to pay the fine landed him in prison.

He has, however, been blessed as a benevolent individual has decided to pay his fine in order to set him free.


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