How GFA Failed To Enforce PSC Ruling


… For Right To Dream To Pay €78,427.5 To Phobia Babies SC

When the Ghana Football Association’s Player’ Status Committee (PSC) ruled on 18th May, 2018, to compel Right to Dream to pay training compensation of €78,427.5 to Accra based colts club Phobia Babies SC, in respect of the transfer of footballer Kamal Sowah to Leicester City, it was supposed to bring to an end a long running saga.

The PSC had directed the clubs to share the total amount of training compensation of €261,425 as follows: Phobia Babies SC – €78,427.5, Sporting Club Accra – €78,427.5 & Right to Dream – €104,570. But one year and seven months afterwards, the GFA is yet to enforce the ruling by the PSC while RtD has yet to comply with the ruling.

Asked why the lack of action on the case, the Acting Secretary General of the GFA, Alex Asante told this investigation he can only refer the matter to the Disciplinary Committee (DC) as he lacks the power to enforce the ruling by himself.

He added that the GFA currently does not have a functional DC making it difficult to enforce the decision by the PSC. Mr. Asante admitted that the Right to Dream Academy had failed to heed two separate directives from the GFA to pay the money it had received from Leicester City into the FA’s accounts.

In fact, the last FA directive set a 16th April, 2019 deadline for RtD to return the amount to the GFA. But it will also be recalled that the Normalisation Committee of the GFA appointed a new DC chaired by Samson Lardy Anyenini on 19th March, 2019.

In addition to 3 other committees. This evidence is backed up by the fact that RtD had tried unsuccessfully to overturn the decision by the PSC on 18th May, 2018 first at the Appeals Committee on 4th May, 2019 and later at the Review Committee on 31st May, 2019. In both instances, the judicial bodies dismissed the appeal because it had “been filed woefully out of time.”

Further, this investigation has not found any record of the RtD case being referred to the DC by the GFA from March 2019 to present.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee (DC) of the GFA, Emmanuel Dasobrie, told this investigation the case is currently pending hearing at the DC. He explained that with the coming into being of the new GFA statutes, members of the DC have to be elected by congress, which is set to convene on 19th December, 2019.


On 18th May, 2018, the PSC upheld Phobia Babies’ application to compel Right to Dream Academy and Sporting Club Accra to include them in the claim of Training Compensation and FIFA Solidarity of footballer Sowah Kamal.

The PSC had directed the clubs to share the total amount of training compensation of €261,425 as follows: Phobia Babies SC – €78,427.5, Sporting Club Accra – €78,427.5 & Right to Dream – €104,570. However, following the confusion that engulfed Ghana football in the aftermath of the expose dubbed #12 by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas in June 2018, the Right to Dream Academy went ahead to receive payment of €261,425 from Leicester City in violation of the decision by the PSC.


Following further the confusion over the purpose of an amount of €30,000 sent to the GFA’s account by Leicester City, the GFA sent back the money to the English Football Association and the Premier League side.

It later emerged that Sporting Club Accra also breached the directive by the GFA and went ahead to receive the €30,000 payment from Leicester, making Phobia Babies SC the biggest losers in the scandal. The GFA subsequently sent two separate letters to the Right to Dream Academy- on 5th April, 2019 and on 20th September, 2019- to return the amount received from Leicester City.

“You are kindly requested to return the amount received from Leicester City FC as training compensation on player Kamal Sowah to the GFA Account (find attached) on or before Tuesday, 16th April, 2019 to enable the Accounts Department of the Ghana Football Association share the amount as directed per the decision of the Player Status Committee dated 18th May, 2018,” stated a letter signed by a Deputy General Secretary of the GFA, Ismaila G. Amin on 5th April, 2019.


“Discrepancies in the date of birth of the player” The PSC found that Kamal was originally transferred from Phobia Babies SC to Sporting Club Accra per the release agreement dated 27th February, 2010 and signed by both Phobia Babies SC and Sporting Club Accra. Contrary to claims by Sporting Club Accra, the PSC concluded that Sowah until his transfer to Sporting Club Accra in February 2010, was a registered player of Phobia Babies SC from November, 2007.

The Committee took notice of what it called “discrepancies in the date of birth of the player” and cautioned Sporting Club to desist from such activities that would bring the name of Ghana Football Association. But Sporting Club Accra told this investigation that RtD is rather to blame for the discrepancies in the date of birth of the player insisting that it was RtD who did the birth certificate of the player and his passport.

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