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I was motivated by growth —Natalie Fort on joining GHOne

She has been the face of News 360 on TV3 for the past four years, endearing herself to numerous viewers with her eloquence so when news broke recently that Natalie Fort had resigned from the station, many were heartbroken.

However, on Monday, April 26, social media was alight as Natalie was revealed as the new addition to the EIB Network’s GHOne TV. When Graphic Showbiz reached out to Natalie about her surprise move, she didn’t hesitate to give us her reasons.

“I was at TV3 for about four years and it was a wonderful experience. I didn’t have any previous media experience at any other media firm so I came in very fresh and it was a great place to build my talent and kickstart my passion for media.

“As an individual, I am very growth-oriented so I always look for opportunities to become more and to fulfill what I am really passionate about. And certainly, I was passionate about news, I enjoyed that but I knew there was more that I could do, there was more that I was interested in so for me, I was just simply motivated by growth, by a positive challenge just to become more of myself.

When asked whether she wasn’t motivated by a huge pay cheque, Natalie said no. “Honestly no, not at all, we all work and money is part of what we work for. However, back to me as an individual, my values and my upbringing, my move was not motivated primarily by money.

Natalie wouldn’t give out much as far as what she will be doing at GHOne except to say she will be doing news. “I won’t give all the details, because if I do, it will kill the steam but I will certainly continue to do my news and current affairs to an extent and since my motivation is growth, I will also be exploring other parts of my interest in media.

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In a video to announce her move to GHOne that went viral, Natalie stated among other things that a bird cannot be caged forever and Graphic Showbiz asked whether she felt caged at TV3.

“No, it wasn’t that direct, it was just a lovely quote that I thought will be nice to use, it takes me back to your question on my motivation and my initial answer of my motivation being growth.

“I wasn’t being caged at TV3, it was a wonderful experience, honestly, really wonderful but there are other sides to me that need to grow so it simply meant that there is more to me that needs to be explored,” she said.

Natalie’s parents are Frederick Gyabi Twum who is into agriculture and Joyce Sika Twum, an executive coach. Her elder sister Adobea Twum is a legal practitioner, while her younger brother is Ohene Twum, a student studying architecture. She is an Akwapim from Adukrom.

Natalie started her primary education at the Ghana International School (GIS) and continued at the Merton International School. She then did a programme in music with the Royal Academy of Music, United Kingdom.

When she returned from the UK, she went to the Accra Film School to do a short course in TV presentation after which TV3 came along. She is currently doing an MBA in media leadership with the University of Cumbria, UK and the Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland.

On what her fans should expect from her at GHOne, this is what she had to say. “They should expect a much more authentic version of myself, not to say that what I was at TV3 was not authentic but it was one side of me.

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