Kwame Baffoe Abronye Writes To Expose The Rebranded Scammer for Election 2020



I have read with disbelief a post by John Mahama on Facebook to mark the 2019 International Anti-Corruption Day. After reading John Mahama’s statement I am convinced that John Mahama has no respect for Ghanaians and still holds the view that, Ghanaians have short memories.

Mr Mahama in his post said: “I stand #unitedagainstcorruption”, adding: “Let us make a determined commitment to take action, lead the change and be the change in our country’s fight against corruption and nepotism”.

The reincarnated dead goat posited that, “No journalist will be killed, live in fear or flee the country because of their investigative reporting”, he promised. Mr Mahama also said: “We will strengthen and make the anti-corruption agencies work without fear or favour”.

On Sep 10 , 2015, A 40-year-old reporter of Success FM, a radio station at Goaso in the Brong Ahafo Region, King George Abanga, was shot dead by unknown assailants.
The reporter, who also worked for Peace FM in Accra, was returning from Sankore to Goaso at about 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 10, 2015, on a motorbike when he was shot and killed by the assailants.

The motive of his assailants was connected with his stories on the grievances of some cocoa farmers over stolen fertilisers in the area. The reporter had earlier that day covered a story at Sankore exposing corrupt NDC officials who were stealing fertilizers meant for the ordinary farmers.

It is important to note that, this murder happened during the tenure of John Mahama as president.
See the attached link for full detailed story of the murder of a journalist during Mahama’s period as president.

2. On the 20th August, 2015, The police confirmed the death of a Ghanaian Times reporter in the presidential press corps accident which occurred at Doryumu junction in the Shai Hills area on Thursday afternoon.
The media bus conveying reporters at the presidency has was involved in a fatal accident.
The journalists were returning from the Volta Regional capital, Ho, where President Mahama had attended a programme organised by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
My simple question here is, what has the former president done for the family of his correspondent who died in the line of his duty?

John “Aluta” Mahama is a dead goat and rebranded scammer who has no message for Ghanaians but only wants to play on the intelligence of Ghanaians.
Ghanaians must be careful and watchful of the activities of Mahama.
Today in his statement as an opposition leader, he is pretending to love journalists but Ghanaians must know that, several journalists were murdered without any proper investigation under the tenure of John Mahama as president.
John Mahama’s statement is a real attribute of hypocrisy and double standard.

To add to the above, president Mahama states that, “If we are to win the fight against corruption, the government must stop making excuses as a coverup for the increasing cases of corruption”.

He said: “President Akufo-Addo’s practice of ‘clearing’ corrupt appointees and hampering investigations must stop”.

It is clear that, John Mahama is suffering from a short memory syndrome and is now possessed with the spirit of Lies and propaganda.

During John Mahama’s tenure as president, he superintended over the following corruption activities. These includes,
3. Smartty’s Bus branding saga
In the late 2015 the Smarttys bus branding scandal popped up where 116 Metro Mass Transit (MMT) buses were rebranded at an inflated cost of GH¢3.6 million. The cost for rebranding these buses was seen as ludacris and the Citizenry demanded for refund yet, absolutely nothing was done about same. The outcry lead to the resignation of the Minister of Transport, Ms Dzifa Attivor, in December.

4. Woyome Scandal
The Government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) under President John Evans Atta-Mills and John Mahama as Vice President fraudulently paid a financier of the party GHc 51.2 million cedis between 2010 and 2011 for no work done. A Supreme Court Judge, Justice Jones Dotse said it appeared those who facilitated the payment “entered into an alliance to create, loot and share the resources of this country as if a brigade had been set up for such an enterprise”.

5. Brazil Scandal
John Dramani Mahama after a state funded probe into the willful expenditure of money by the sports Ministry at the Brazil World Cup where the committee established that, the minister Elvis Afriyie must refund certain monies he has fraudulently acquired, Mr Mahama the rebranded scammer issued a white paper on the committees report clearing and exonerating Elvis Afriyie Ankrah Of no wrongs done.

6. Giving 50% of Ghana’s bauxite concession to John Mahama’s brother

7. Muntaka Mubarak blowed cash on pampers and khebab yet nothing was done to him

8. Create, looting and sharing at Cocobod

9. Mahama ‘Ford Expedition’ gift scandal
A revelation in June 2016 that President John Mahama received a Ford Expedition vehicle estimated to cost $60,000 from a Burkinabe contractor, Djibril Kanazoe, in exchange of fatty road contracts

10. NSS Scandal
In 2014, officials of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) uncovered a GH¢7.9 million deep-rooted rot at the National Service Secretariat (NSS).
Investigations showed that the amount represented the allowance paid to 22,612 non-existent service people in more than 100 districts across the country.

This is just to mention a few of corrupt practices that occurred under John Mahama.
In conclusion, the office of the president under John Mahama was considered as the second most corrupt institution by a survey conducted by the IEA.

I therefore entreat the rebranded scammer to stop commenting on corruption because he lacks the morality and credibility to do so.
The fact that he has been rebranded doesn’t mean he has changed.
I am on this note challenging Mahama to mention one journalist who was murdered for exposing corruption under this government.
John Mahama is still a Scammer and A liar. He want to come back to fraud the nation.


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