My boyfriend is angry with me because I don’t ask him for money in our relationship – Lady cries


A lot of men are looking for an independent lady to date. A lady who would not depend on them for every basic need.

However, it appears these breed of ladies are scarce and very hard to come by. Since in Ghana, it’s widely accepted that the man must foot responsibilities in a relationship.

Well, just when most men wish to date independent ladies, a guy whose identity is not known is unappreciative of his independent girlfriend.

The lady names Lora messaged ‘The Diaries’ Facebook group administrator to make her frustrations known.

According to her, she used to enjoy a very happy relationship with her boyfriend but all of a sudden, he changed attitude towards her simply because she does not depend on him for money.

Lora says she’s a nurse who also has a side business so money isn’t really her problem so she doesn’t bother asking the man. But the guy on the other hand claims he feels useless in the relationship because Lora doesn’t depend on him for money.

Lora is hence asking for advice on how to bring back the joy she once had in her relationship.

Read her full message below:

“My name is Lora. Am a 24 yr old girl, dating this 30yr old guy. We ve been dating for the past 1 and half year now. I must confess we really love each other so much. Our love grows and refreshes each and everyday. We two are happy together.

But recently my guy brought an issue up, which i find it irrelevant and not that much of a point to make. This is it, Am a very independent lady. I work as a nurse and also have a provision shop here in Accra.

Am financially okay by Gods grace. My bf doesnt understand the fact that i dont ask him money. He says am too independent, and i make him feel useless in the relationship. He wants to spend on me. But i can do all that for my self.

This has turned our relationship shaking. He hardly talk to me, he acts like he is hurt all around me, and i dont feel the vibe we had anymore. We ve talked about the issue but he still stands on his point. He wants me to depend on him even it i have. And i also dont want that.

Our relationship is sinking gradually. I really love him. Any advice for me? why should he feel useless in the relationship? I need ur counsel..thank u,- “


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