“No matter how indecently a woman dresses, it is not an invitation for rape” – Yul Edochie


Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie has waged into the ‘Say-No-To-Rape’ conversation with a perfect idea concerning reasons people make for why they forcefully had sex with a lady or girl without her approval.

There is a high spate of rape cases in Nigeria and many public figures are raising their voices to condemn these heinous acts.

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Yul Edochie, Nollywood star

According to reports, these rapes do not just end there as victims are killed and butchered with no mercy at all.

On the other side, some men hold on to the view that rape is triggered by what meets the eye. Therefore, most men are unable to control themselves when they come into contact with women whose dressings are seductive.

Yul Edochie believes this is a bogus justification for any man to rape a lady or a girl. He held on to the assertion that indecent dressing does not warrant a rape or sexual abuse.

He articulated his thoughts on his Twitter timeline by writing:

I do not encourage indecent dressing. But no matter how indecently dressed she is, guy it’s not an invitation for rape. If you both agreed on pay as you go, you pay, she no wan give you, get ur money back through non-violent means. Do not touch her. There’s no excuse for rape.


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