Reaching Orgasm Is Not Only Pleasurable, It Has Health Benefits.


One of the subjects that has brows rising is lovemaking because it is considered a private affair. Yes, sex or lovemaking is a private issue but when it does not serve its purpose we need to jump out of the private box and look for answers.

Lovemaking is not only a pleasurable engagement. It is an act supposed to benefit us health-wise because of the hormones it exudes when we are able to reach a climax or attain orgasm. Orgasm is a pleasurably sensational feeling arrived at, at the peak of a sensual sexual engagement. Most of us assume orgasm is a product of good sex without knowing about its health benefit.Love Making First Night - Posts | Facebook

Orgasm though not reached at every sexual encounter is necessary (1 in 3)because it enhances blood circulation (helps improve menstrual flow in women who have at least have sex once a week). It naturally massages you (that is why it is considered by many as an exercise), naturally detoxifies you and has the potential to ease bowel movement. It boosts appetite(you may have noticed that after a quality sexual encounter, your body requires a refill of food, juice and water), general wellness, and triggers the release of reproductive hormones (meaning frequent orgasms increases fertility).Men, did you know these 7 things about your orgasm? | The Times of ...

It increases oxytocin, estrogen levels, endorphin levels,and flushes cortisol (an inflammatory hormone released by the adrenal glands) out of the body thereby helping you relax. Orgasm relieves migraine headache and soothes pain in other areas. It also prevents osteoporosis and heart problems. It shoots up endogenous steroid hormone which is responsible for improving function of the brain, boosting the immune system, and enhancing smoothness of skin and making you feel and look rather younger.Top 10 Affordable African Destinations To Spend Valentine's Day ...

Regular stress free love making leading with an impressive number of achieved orgasm makes you look some years younger (three times a week). Orgasm is a huge stress relief and gives you an energetic drive for project accomplishment. It relaxes your nerves, reduces adrenaline level, relaxes your muscles, stabilizes blood pressure, and helps you maintain a steady heartbeat.What Goes On In A Woman's Brain When She Has An Orgasm. It's ...

Stress (mentally and physically) has a huge role to play in the decrease of sexual libido. When under extreme stress(especially emotional) it becomes difficult for a woman to be adequately stimulated, let alone have an orgasm. Under intense pressure, the libido slumps and the last thing the body wants is lovemaking. At this point all the does is sustain itself.5 Reasons You're Not Having An Orgasm (And How To Make It More ...

Stress also burdens the adrenal glands which is responsible for the secretion of hormones that help you maintain a normal libido.When the adrenal gland is stressed, you may notice you have insomnia, you literally drag yourself out of of bed in the mornings, you are in a depressive mood, and there is a reliance on energy boosters.

At the low hormone level you have to practice conscious relaxation.You may also want to incorporate, honey, strawberry, banana and dark chocolate in your diet.


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