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Rexdanquah endorses Richard Akpokavie for GOC President

International sportbusiness consultant, land economist and appraiser, Mr. Magnus Rexdanquah has endorsed the candidature of Mr. Richard Akpokavie for the Presidency of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) at its forthcoming Congress and elections on Monday, 15th March, 2021.

Mr. RexDanquah, also an events architect, planner, manager and marketer and the architect of Ghana’s successful bids for the rights to host and organize the CAN 2008 Football extravaganza and the 13th African Games to be hosted by Ghana in 2023, reiterated the fact that Ghana Sport is at a crossroads, requiring a new style and paradigm of leadership to advance its pillars for growth and development.

He stressed in a write-up that Mr. Akpokavie, whom he worked with while he (RexDanquah) was in charge of the organization of the 9th African Hockey Cup of Nations in 2009, “is imbibed with the requisite consultative style needed by our nation at such a time as this.”

He therefore urged all delegates of right standing to be mindful of the real issues facing Ghana and to vote for Mr. Akpokavie so that together with the other stakeholders, including the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Sports Authority (NSA) and the Parliamentary Select Committee for Youth, Culture and Sports as well as the performers, Ghana would be able to consolidate and strengthen the sport industry.

He reiterated that this will be necessary if we are to restore our place at the top of the continental and global sport platform.

Mr. RexDanquah added that there are two major outstanding issues needing the urgent attention of all – the launching of a NATIONAL SPORT POLICY and the set-up of the NATIONAL SPORT FUND – as two pillars requiring attention after the Congress. “We cannot fail this time round”, he concluded and wished all delegates a successful congress.

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