Education; we all know is an essential tool for the development of a nation. How can a nation striving to be seen as developing play with the lives of the younger generation in the name of double tracking our senior high school system. It has been one experiment after the other.


The old system, being the Ordinary and Advanced level system was said to have students spending too much time in school thereby making Ghanaians buying into the Junior and Senior Secondary school system after the experimental period. 


The old shift system of morning and afternoon was said to have a toll on education that had limited time for completion of the annual school curriculum. 


For us on NewsDay, the problem Ghana has with our education system is nothing more than infrastructure. There are a lot of abandoned buildings, some on school compounds which must be renovated and modified. We do not necessarily need new buildings as we are made to believe. 


This proposal of having two semesters in a year, comprising of three months a semester is in no way going to help our children. If these children spend nine months in school and are not able to complete their syllabi, what is the proof that two semesters would do any better?


What will the children be doing with the extra 41 day at home when there are nothing like vacation jobs or productive and profitable educational extra-curricular activities for the child of the average Ghanaian to engage in, to enhance their learning prowess.

The Ghanaian child is not an experimental tool; the Ghanaian child is not a robot. The Ghanaian parent cannot pay for their children to be used as trial materials. Are we not going to push more children on the streets with this double tracking learning system?


The thought of the Ghanaian. Were we lured into the free SHS policy only to push children back on the streets? The double tracking system is an advanced form of the old shift system. 


Politicians are seeking to score points at the expense of our future leaders.  Stop experimenting with our children. 


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