Stop The Showmanship With Our Health Issues


The health of a people goes a long way to affect their productivity and the development of their nation. A healthy people can therefore be said to be a wealthy people. 

Primarily, we as individuals have a responsibility to ensure that we live under healthy conditions. We are supposed to take care of our basic health needs, that is, what we consume in foods and medications. Our environment and how it is kept also plays a very important role in how healthy a people we can be.

However, there are bodies that have been mandated to oversee the general health of a nation. The Environmental Protection Agency, The Food and Drugs Board, The Standard Board and most importantly our hospitals are institutions that, if are operating appropriately would contribute greatly to improved living standards health wise.

Circling in on our hospitals, it a shame where we a headed as a people if our medical institutions are not working.  Stories about how poorly people are treated in our hospitals are trending and it seems to be getting worse by the minute. 

The ‘no bed’ syndrome has taken over most of our hospitals. The stress a patient goes through to get treated for even minor ailments is really appalling. Nurses mistreating and maltreating patients has become a norm in most of our institutions. Medical practice has become showmanship. 

Many complications and deaths in our health institutions are most due to the negligence of some of our care givers. Current happenings in our hospitals leave a sour taste in the mouth. NewsDay has witnessed a few of these misconducts and gaps in our system  with the most recent one being on the 8th of July at the Lekma Hospital, where a nurse was running after a patient shouting how she was going to beat him(the patient) should she get him.  It was an unfortunate sight to behold. 

We wonder, has our health institutions lost it? Do we have to condone these practices because we are at the mercy of these people when we are indisposed? What is our health ministry doing about our failing and ailing health system? 



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