Treatment for Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori) Ulcer Causing Bacteria


A bacteria, not widely known but which can cause a lot of damage is the Helicobacter pylori (Hpylori). This bacteria enters your stomach through your mouth through to your stomach and attacks your digestive tract, causing medical conditions like peptic ulcers. It makes the lining of your small intestines its place of abode.

Symptoms include, loss of appetite, anemia, nausea, fatigue, dark stool and vomit, and especially in children you realize that they bloody stools and vomit, while running a fever(the stool can get as dark as coffee). In the early stages of an infection however, there are minimal or no evidences at all. Due to the fact that most people do not know when they get infected, the bacteria is left in its habitat (the lining of the digestive tract) not dealt with, and develops into a peptic ulcer. Symptoms at this may include agonizing pain in the abdomen that comes and goes especially on an empty stomach. An antacid may give temporary relief, but always seek the doctor’s advice.Helicobacter Pylori- The Silent Epidemic - PharmEasy Blog

H. pylori although not in the known by many is a common condition and is very contagious. The transmission route is more often than not, the mouth. You can get infected through contaminated food and water, body fluids, saliva, fecal matter and touching contaminated surfaces, that is why you are at all times advised to wash your hands thoroughly with soap after visiting the washroom and before eating. Kissing ( one of the fastest mode) and oral sex are other ways transmission.How Kissing Works | HowStuffWorks

Left untreated, H. pylori can spread to other parts of the body , infecting the liver, the heart and skin. The infections can make you anemic with low iron levels. The bacteria, having dwelt in the stomach for some time, can cause a peptic ulcer to break into your blood stream causing internal bleeding. Untreated ulcer leads to serious complications, like gastric and stomach cancer.Difficult to Stomach: Helicobacter pylori and Gastric Cancer

When you suspect you or any close associate have any of the symptoms mentioned visit the hospital for a proper check and diagnosis by a medical professional.

H. pylori is curable, however, treatment requires patience and determination. The first round of medication does not completely cure the disease the bacteria is stubborn and may have increased in number. Your doctor may prescribe a second round of the medication which may cleanse from your system all traces of the bacteria.

To help in the treatment naturally, you may incorporate, honey, green tea, broccoli sprouts, banana, turmeric, ( which slow and stops the development of the bacteria). into your diet.Diet for H. pylori: what to eat during treatment - Tua Saúde

Stomach Ulcer Diet: Foods to Eat and Avoid | U.S. News

You may on the other hand want to avoid acidic foods, ulcer unfriendly spices, pepper and over processed foods, that irritate the stomach. Beverages you may also want to avoid during treatment are cola products because they produce gastric juice, then, black tea and black coffee.Spicy foods: To eat, or not to eat | Penn TodayBest and Worst Foods to Eat With a Stomach UlcerFoods Not to Eat With Pylori Bacteria | Healthy Eating | SF Gate

A combination of antibiotics, and other related drugs may be prescribed by your doctor. Follow treatment religiously to cure H. pylori completely.


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