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Venture into love songs – Gospel artiste dares colleagues

Unlike Ghanaians who believe gospel artistes should shy away from secular songs, budding artiste, Steve Boat has begged to differ.

He has encouraged his gospel colleagues to solve the problem of hypocrisy and sentiments in the industry by including love in their songs.

Love, he stated, is the fundamental principle of life; insisting artistes, typically those in the ministry, are mandated to preach it.

“Gospel artistes do not venture into love songs; if there is an institution to talk about love, its the church because weddings and issues concerning love happen in the church. Gospel artistes should be daring a little,” he educated.


In recent times, gospel artistes have faced severe backlash after collaborating with secular artistes; a discrimination he believes his gospel-love genre will cure.

The gospel artiste has pioneered the genre with a latest song, Me Dea which describes how he longs for his lover’s touch, since their union is permitted by God.

Watch video below for more:


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