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Walker urges youth to fight against corruption

• Mr Alfred Asiedu Walker

The independent presidential candidate in the 2020 elections, Mr Alfred Asiedu Walker, has called on the youth to stand up and fight against any form of corruption in the county.

He said corruption was one of the main hindrances to the country’s development; hence, the need for the youth to fight against it.

 At a ceremony to wind up his activities for the December 2020 general election, Mr Walker said, “Corruption is now everywhere in the country and we know it, we should not allow the perpetrators to continue, the youth, the new generation in this country must stand up against it because Ghana is for us and corruption must be stopped.”

“The youth must stand up and commit ourselves to the common calls to build Ghana for what it can be and for the greater good of every one,” he added.


He said to ensure accountability at the ministries and other government institutions, there was the need for the institution of what he termed a Central Contract Clearing House, which would oversee that contracts were not awarded in a biased and fraudulent manner.

“With this, no minister in his own autonomy, will have the right to sign any contract without any review at the Central Contract Clearing House and this will ensure that contracts are not awarded to party loyalists,” he said.

Election 2020

Mr Walker condemned the pockets of violence that characterised the elections at some polling stations and collation centres.

“The chaos, distraction and killing should not be allowed and it is time we stop that, this should not happen anywhere again in the country.

“There is no reason for somebody to cause mayhem or somebody to die just because of an election, people’s minds need to be sensitised to the effects some of these things have on us as a people and our reputation as a country,” he said.

United One Ghana Movement

While acknowledging that it was too early to announce his next move after the December 2020 elections, Mr Walker said the United One Ghana Movement team would continue to mobilise the youth who were yearning for change in the coming years.

He noted that the results of the December 2020 elections showed a massive endorsement of an independent candidate in terms of votes, adding that “for the first time in the history of Ghana, an independent candidate like myself was able to come close to the two major political parties if not for the Ghana Union Movement (GUM), we would have been the third force in the country.”

He said that the foundation of the One Ghana Movement had been built and added that “We are here to stay and we are going to push forward”.

“The youth are yearning for change, relevance and the youth of this country miss being acknowledged and this is what we are coming to do,” he added.

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