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Wee laced with drink: How an intoxicated pastor could not officiate his brother’s wedding [Listen]

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The dream of officiating his brother’s wedding was dashed after his fruit drink was mixed with Indian Hemp, popularly known as wee.

Apostle Walker, who was enjoying the drink in his car outside the venue of the wedding, said he could hear his name from afar, but he could not respond.

The man of God shared his story on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem programme Friday during a discussion on alcohol abuse among the youth in Ghana.

According to reports, some youth mix different alcoholic drinks into a punch, popularly known as shocker, to increase excitement.

However, this cocktail has reportedly had adverse effects on the youth including death.

An unlucky Apostle Walker said he was an unfortunate victim of shocker when a young man handed him the fruit juice mixed with wee.

“I asked the young man to pour some of the fruit juice for me. It was very sweet so I went for another one. All of a sudden, Apostle in suit and clerical felt drowsy. I could hear them calling my name but I couldn’t respond,” he added.

Apostle Walker said when he was sent home, he ate two balls of ‘Fanti kenkey’ within five minutes and drunk all the water in his refrigerator.

Play attached audio above for full story:

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